Successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis! Will miss this little guy. :)


I have joined the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics as a postdoctoral research associate working under Michael Mistry. Looking forward to working again with this group and to implement more generalisable and efficient learning methods for robot control.
Officially submitted my Ph.D. thesis. Three years of working on deep learning methods to improve the iCub humanoid robot.
Presented our work on “Modelling the Single to Multi Word Transition Using Matrix Completion” at IEEE ICDL-EPIROB 2019.
Presented our work on “Exploring Deep Models for Comprehension of Deictic Gesture-Word Combinations in Cognitive Robotics” at IJCNN 2019.
A beautiful end to three years of fruitful collaborations and stimulating discussions as a Marie-Sklodowska Curie early stage researcher within DCOMM.
Presented our work “On the Use of Deep Models for Gesture-Word Understanding in Developmental Robotics” at the Deictic Communication - Theory and Application Conference.
My last DCOMM secondment will be at the Italian Institute of Technology, working under Vadim Tikhanoff’s supervision.


My first DCOMM secondment will be at the University of Edinburgh, working under Timothy Hospedales’ supervision.
Officially transferred to the University of Manchester, where I will be working as part of the newly formed Cognitive Robotics Lab .


DCOMM has officially passed the EU commission’s mid-term review.
At the UK robotics week organised at the University of Plymouth.
Presented our work on “Compositionality via gestures in robot language learning” during the first DCOMM conference Language as a form of action.


First kick-off DCOMM meeting in UIB, Mallorca. Looking forward to 3 fruitful years.